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Filigree is a combination of art and craft, and hand-made filigree is unfortunately quite rare these days.


Made by a small family-owned jewellery shop in Split, Croatia, whose tradition spans 4 generations, this jewellery and accessories are a product of hours of detailed work and creativity. Civljak family is right there at the shop, greeting visitors and making jewellery in a small workshop in the back room.

It takes approximately 8-9 hours to make a pair of earrings so no wonder many jewellers started casting it instead of doing it by hand. Each item is shaped, cut, welded, torched, bent, moulded and polished by hand, and therefore unique.


Traditional silver and golden filigree has been around Dalmatian region since medieval times. There is a legend that says, when the Ottoman Empire invaded the Dalmatian region, filigree was one of the things they just couldn't copy to take back to their land.

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