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Custom Orders and Wholesale Enquiries

Custom Orders

If the item you like is out of stock or you'd like to have a slightly different version (bigger/smaller size, different gemstone etc) of an existing item, please click on 'Get in Touch' button in the top right corner and we can discuss it.


Please try to send us a link to the item that you like, with the small changes you wish to make. I'm afraid at this point we can only try to replicate previous designs with very small changes, we don't take orders to completely new designs.

Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook photo albums to see some previous designs!

Wholesale Enquiries

If you'd like to sell our items in your shop or would like to order a larger quantity of the same item, please contact us via Get in Touch button in the top right corner. Please keep in mind that all items are handmade and each item takes hours to make, so please give us advance notice. Also, no two items are identical so there might be very small variations between items.

Custom Orders and Wholesale: FAQ
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