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Hello world!

Welcome to the Filigran Split website and online shop! We hope you like it :)

It was about time, right?!

Those of you who have been to the shop, know that Civljak family is traditional and modest, and having a website was always 'too complicated' or 'too expensive'. Well, the times have changed, and so have consumer habits, but the pandemic has been the last straw. When things go back to normal, the shop will also accept cards!

We are so, so lucky to have such a loyal group of customers, who have been reaching out via Facebook Page and ordering that way until now.

Your orders and visits to the shops, as well as amazing reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook have kept this small family-run shop going.

You may not be able to come to us, but our jewellery can come to you!

We hope you can get some nice items using the discount code we sent you On top of that, we're offering free shipping for orders over €150!

Please be patient with us in case of any website glitches and if shipping is delayed - we're doing everything ourselves! We did our best with smartphone photos, but we hope you can still see the beauty and craftsmanship in them. Hopefully, in the future we'll be able to get a professional photographer to take photos of the items.

Now, spread the word, share the link to our beautiful website!

We're excited - we hope you are, too!

Until we see you at our small shop again - stay safe and take care!

Lots of love from Civljak family

(& Tamara, managing this website and social media accounts)

P. S. Don't forget to subscribe (at the bottom of the page) to be notified every time new items are added! We promise not to spam - we'll just use it to notify you of new products added to the website and any sales.

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