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History of filigree jewellery and accessories in Dalmatian folklore

I thought I'd start a little series, introducing you to the traditional filigree within the Dalmatian folklore dress.

To start with, filigree was used not only for jewelry but for accessories as well, such cuff links, buttons, brooches, hair pins and gifts for special occasions.

We currently have earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets available in our webshop.

However, on our Instagram page you can find the photos of brooches, cufflinks, tobacco pipe and decorative spoons that shop produced in the past.

The bigger and the more elaborate (and in gold), the higher the social status of the person.

Picture 1 is a photo of an elaborate golden filigree jewellery and accessory set. This obviously belonged to someone wealthy.

Picture 2 is showing a woman in traditional Split dress wearing the set.

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